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Our class trip started on Monday 11th of September.

The classes FOS-s12C and D were very excited to go to Great Britian with their most favourite teachers Mr.Egbert, Mrs.Brings and Mrs.Harte. We had a very long drive waiting for us to arrive our destination. Our driver, Klaus, drove with us through the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Then we took the ferry from Calais to Dover and then to Canterbury. At 6pm we arrived at the University of Kent and went straight up to have dinner. Everyone was pretty exhausted but still very excited to see their apartments. And we weren't dissappointed. The apartments contained a big living room with a kitchen and 3 floors with 4 bedrooms each. We went to bed early because we had a long day waiting for us the next morning.

Our breakfast started at 8am. Classic English Breakfast was served with beans, sausages, bacon and eggs. It was a great start into the morning. We arrived in Canterbury city at 10am and met a guide who showed us Canterbury city and told us about the history of the city. She showed us the outside parts of the cathedral and a few parts of the city. After the guided tour ended, we had a little bit of time to explore the city by ourselves. Many of us went shopping, some others wanted to look at the older city parts more closely. Everyone had something to do. Our historical tour continued at Dover Castle. We arrived a little bit too early so Mr.Egbert and Mrs.Brings offered us to go to the beach with them. A few went with them while the rest just wanted ro relax a bit and smoke a cigarette. The break was good for all of us and we were excited to visit the castle. There wasn't any kind of guide. Everyone could visit what he or she wanted. The castle was very big and we had much to explore. Though the castle was very huge and beautiful we weren't that interested and many of the students went back to the bus one hour too early. Our teachers weren't that excited about that.

Because we weren't allowed to eat dinner in the university cantine we drove back into Canterbury city and bought groceries for the evening. So everyone had to cook for themselves. Some made pizza others made spaghetti. Since our two classes didn't know each other too well, we used this evening to get to know each other.

Wednesday was the highlight of the whole trip. We got up very early in the morning to visit capital city of Great Britain: London. We got there by bus and it took us around two hours to arrive. We went downtown by underground to reconnoitre the city in small groups. We got to see many sights of London like the Buckingham Palace, Green Park, The London Eye, Big Ben and the Oxford Street. Some even visited the Sea-Life or The London Dungeon. In the evening we all met at the Victoria Apollo Theatre to watch the musical "Wicked“. Even though many of us didn't want to watch the musical because they thought it would be boring, we were very impressed by the performance of the actors. The musical was based on "The Wizard of Oz“. After  this long day we got home around midnight and went straight up to bed. Our last day in Canterbury had come. We used it for a small rally in Canterbury and visited the cathedral once again. But this time we took a look at the inside of the building. We were guided by a man named William who showed us around the cathedral. We were allowed to look at the tomb of Thomas Becket who was murdered in his own cathedral. He told us a lot about the time when the monks used to live in the cathedral. The tour was really good and interesting and it also took very long. Many of us were very hungry so we went up to our last meal in England. We went to the "The Foundrybrew Pub“. We had the choice of a big selection of burgers or vegetarian foods. The food wasn't something for everybody and many didn't like it. But it felt nice to have something warm in your belly that's not McDonalds.
So know the time had come. We had to go back to Germany. It was a really nice trip. Many would have liked to spend more time together in England. We were very happy to have made this trip and this beautiful time together.

by Jonas Goldlücke FOS-S12D 



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